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Goran Antik aka Dezo is a Macedonian sound engineer and producer. A sound-bending psychonaut stereohemist with huge love for the global psychedelic music scene. He started experimenting with sounds, cables and hardware from his young age which led to meeting Vico, Bani, Mirko and Bojan, fellow psychonaut Freaks who together formed Uminum and the Stereohemia concept. After the release of Uminums’ first album, 3rd World Stories for the net-label ResonantEarth, he was part of a few other project like Dosage, Omnium and his latest solo project Planck Epoch.
Since 2003 Dezo is blasting with crazy live performances on gigs around the planet, presenting wicked squishy tunes with twisted sounds and melodies developing the unique style of Stereohemia concept from psychedelic to mind expanding music.


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