Axios Records

Axios Records is a network of artists, promoters and psychedelic music enthusiasts who all share the same vision; nurturing genuine psychedelic art experience through a focus to embrace, promote, create and support high quality music releases, acts and events.

The idea of Axios was created in the early 2000s by BEN in Skopje, when first unfolded as a musical network to promote different aspects of psychedelic music and culture. At first this took form through the presentation of artists and labels by organizing events that aimed to share essential facets of psychedelic trance culture. Axios has since been focusing on the support and promotion of emerging artists and collaboration with some of the most influential names on the scene, whose music continues to define psychedelic art.

In a world of hyper-production and increased commodification of musical experience,our goal is to make Axios represent musical expression that is imbued with exploration of genuine psychedelic experience. Psychedelic music is our way of life and we take the responsibility seriously to nourish it, promote it, and support its growth by not compromising the quality and uniqueness of artists’ articulation. Today, more than ever, such an approach is necessary if we want to preserve the unique essence of psychedelic culture and the philosophy behind it. This way, we hope not only to aid individuals already involved in the scene, but also to discover and direct emerging artists who often lack support and proper guidance. The real success of every label lies in their capacity to pointing toward the horizon of how psychedelic music could evolve, hence, we hope to help others take their role in the evolution of this genre and its culture.

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