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Zlatko Toromanoski / Lunardeco is born in Skopje, Macedonia. He started to go to goa trance parties in 1996/97 and was influenced by that kind of music, that is his expression as an artist. He started to paint on little fabrics and clothes with paintbrush, and in 2001 I started to present his work as an artist at the goatrance, and later psychedelic trance music parties, drawing decorations for that kind of events. 

He started with paintbrush, but later he continued to draw with airbrush on fabrics, which he transformed in giant pieces for party decorations with range of colours and forms.
Today he does decorations for the main stages on parties, but also decorate the ambient and chill out stages. He engaged in design and development of club clothing with printings on his works, as well as hand painted clothes. Airbrushing on motorcycles, interiors it is just a part of what he does, too.
He works together with music label Forestdelic records, and he is engaged in decoration of almost all of their parties all over the Europe. He is decorating parties in Skopje for many years, and also is engaged in decorating parties in Ljubljana (Slovenia), Zagreb (Croatia), Thessaloniki (Greece), Tirana (Albania), Prishtina (Kosovo) and psytreance festivals around Europe. He thinks that this kind of art is very important for developing of h! uman consciousness, because it is an expression of deepest inner vision of the artist, reaching the levels of soul. This art opens doors to other dimensions, into the worlds of the subconscious, expressing what is hidden from ordinary human eye, presenting other creatures and objects that can not be touched or explain.

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