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Oscar Quiros has been creating music for around 20 years, sharing sensations through sound and melodies with many. Now working on his projects Chirox and Mutant Created, he is hoping to share so much more.
Born on the island of Ibiza where you are surrounded with music since you are born, he had the chance to meet great masters in the music world like G.M.S., Etnica, Juan Verdera and many more, and listen to other great ones like Simon Posford, among others.
With his music comes the wish to transmit on one hand sensations of relaxation and calmness and on the other power and a wish to dance.
His desire and passion is in playing on festivals to transmit sensations to many, at the same time create that vibe on the stage that has you overwhelmed.

Chirox *Psychill
Mutant Created *Psytrance 

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