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Ozzy Cetin is a Turkish born, London based psy-trance DJ aka Mysticism, Wired, Ramizes & Freetech. He is the founder of Manchester based psy-trance events organiser community Crystal Kids.

He started DJing progressive and full-on psychedelic trance at his events with his first alter ego 'RAMIZES' in 2004 in Eskisehir, Turkey. He added two more DJ projects into his repertoire in 2013; 'MYSTICISM' for psychill & 'FREETECH' for darkpsy. Between 2011-2014, he got involved in all major indoor and outdoor psy-trance events in Turkey as a crew and DJ. Ozzy's DJ performance started to get recognised globally which led him to take stage at some of the well respected international festivals such as OZORA, Earthcore, Boomtown, Sonica, Free-Earth, One Tribe, The Beat-Herder between 2014-2017.

In recent years, techno intelligently started to get into psy-trance world and fit perfectly. Ozzy loved this harmony and wanted to focus on these sounds more specifically. In 2019 he formed another alter ego called 'WIRED' and separated zenonesque, dark progressive, psygressive and psytech sounds from Ramizes.

*Psytrance, *Ambient, *Psychill *Proggressive

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*MYSTICISM                                                                                  Soundcloud         Facebook

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