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KHAIKU haiku is a psychedelic trance project of Juha Korpelainen. A manifestation of musical vision that takes the listener all across the sonic map. This project has been around since 2013 but before that there has been over 10 years of dance floor deep probe exploration, electronic music production and playing live and dj in numerous parties in different countries. Khaiku sound is the result, conclusion and fusion of all the best elements and building blocks to create the most enjoyable trance dance experience.
Until now Khaiku has played gigs in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Russia, Lithuania, Belgium and Goa with an up-to-date modified trance former machine and is keen to keep on moving further to the future with full power. One other project actively in production besides Khaiku is HuuHaa. It is more downtempo and experimental stuff to keep music production process in balance and inspiration flowing.


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